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What's your retirement plan?

Do you know puting money aside for your retirement now can help you live your dream in your post-work years?

With our pension calculator you can get a glimpse of what your post-work life could look like. Simply tell us your goal and we will show you what you need, to achieve it. The pension calculator provides you with real-time advice on how to meet your retirement goals as well as offer you the option to speak directly with a Wealth Advisor, who will provide you with personalized tips to improve your financial health.


Pension is a regular income received by a person at retirement when he/she stopped working because of having reached a certain age or based on health condition to cater for his/her needs at old age
Micro Pension is an arrangement under the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) that allows the self-employed persons to make financial contributions towards the provision of pension at their retirement or incapacitation.
Micro Pension contribution secured the future through steady income. It provides financial stability at retirement and ensure the contributor does not live in poverty. It is an easy, simple and flexible process through BettaLyfe.