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Our mission is to onboard over 70 millions self employed nigerians working in the semi-formal and the informal sector who are not covered by the contributory pension scheme, do not have health insurance and need to access capital to scale their businesses.

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BettaLyfe is a FinTech startup

BettaLyfe provides access to affordable health insurance, micro pension savings and capital to self employed professionals in Nigeria. Over 70 million self employed professionals in Nigeria's informal sector do not have a pension plan, health insurance, or access to capital, which we are changing with a $10 weekly savings that is distributed through our API for healthcare, micro Pension and savings. Every users on our platform have access to loan facility with a flexible payment structure. We have put together services and products that makes life easy for an average nigerian to live a good and better life. We provide small and medium farmers with profitable and sustainable agri-business template and Modern farming techniques. At BettaLyfe, we believe that self employed professionals deserve the save benefits as people who work in the formal sector or have regular 9-5 job under structured establishment. We bridge the gap between formal, semi-formal and the informal sector by making health insurance, micro-pension and access to capital accessible regardless of work or location.


Our vision is to create an ecosystem that is self-sustainable, accessible by using technology to drive health insurance, micro-pension savings and access to capital to the self employed indivisuals working in the semi-formal and in the informal sector.

Our core values

Affordability, Efficiency in operation, accessiblity

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